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Evangelist Support Network (ES Network) is an organisation that exists to provide the evangelist with information, inspiration and impartation. It is spearheaded by In His Name Ministries.



Knowledge is provided, wisdom dispersed and advice given on topics relevant to evangelism and running an evangelistic organisation.


Evangelists are given the opportunity to sit under the ministry of mighty men and women of God as well as to build lifelong friendships and divine connections with fellow soul-winners.



We believe in connecting generations of evangelists, allowing the experienced crusader to pour into the fledging soul-winner.

The Evangelism Conference 2023

The Evangelism Conference held in Durban, South Africa, over the course of two days (Friday, 30 June to Saturday, 1 July) was an extraordinary event at which hundreds of passionate soul-winners gathered to be equipped, inspired, and fellowship and connect with like-minded individuals. Organised by a collaborative effort between various organisations—including the Global Network of Evangelists, African Enterprise, Leading Evangelism, Jesus Alive Gospel Outreach, Christ for all Nations, In His Name Ministries, and Evangelist Support Network—this conference aimed to unite and amplify evangelistic efforts.

The conference witnessed an incredible lineup of speakers who shared their profound insights and experiences in the field of evangelism. Notably, two influential figures and indisputable fathers of evangelism in South Africa, Micheal Cassidy and Ananias Ralekholela, graced the stage and captivated hearts and minds with their anointed messages. Their presence and contributions greatly enriched the conference. Ben Jack, Tamryn Klintworth, and Luxolo Kentane represented the next generation of evangelists, all ministering with passion and power. Praise and worship were led by the dynamic Langa Mbonambi and his incredible team.

A diverse range of workshops were conducted, covering an array of topics relevant to evangelism in the modern world. Digital evangelism was addressed, with attendees learning about leveraging technology and online platforms to effectively spread the message of the Gospel. A workshop on apologetics equipped believers with the necessary tools to address intellectual and philosophical challenges to faith. Crisis evangelism was unpacked, exploring effective strategies for sharing the Gospel during times of crisis and turmoil. Stratified evangelism delved into reaching diverse segments of society with tailored approaches. Presenters included Isak Pretorius, Nick Parker, Theuns Pauw, Desmond Henry, Afrika Mhlope, and Clifford Mthembu, all experts in their respective fields.

Throughout the conference, and particularly after the final session, hands were laid on all delegates by the speakers, host ministries, and their teams. It was a power-packed time of sacred moments and unforgettable encounters with the Most High God. The launch of the Evangelism Collective was also announced. This collective aims to unify evangelistic efforts in South Africa and bring together individuals and organisations committed to spreading the Gospel in the nation. Exciting news and updates about the Evangelism Collective will be released in the near future.

In conclusion, the Evangelism Conference in Durban, South Africa, was a momentous gathering that empowered soul-winners, celebrated the rich heritage of evangelism in South Africa, and paved the way for a unified approach to spreading the Good News. Please mark your calendars for next year when the Evangelism Conference will be held in the Johannesburg/Pretoria area from 28-29 June. More details will follow soon.




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