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Evangelist Support Network (ES Network) is an organisation that exists to provide the evangelist with information, inspiration and impartation. It is spearheaded by In His Name Ministries.



Knowledge is provided, wisdom dispersed and advice given on topics relevant to evangelism and running an evangelistic organisation.


Evangelists are given the opportunity to sit under the ministry of mighty men and women of God as well as to build lifelong friendships and divine connections with fellow soul-winners.



We believe in connecting generations of evangelists, allowing the experienced crusader to pour into the fledging soul-winner.

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ES Connect

18 NOV 2022 | 9AM-5PM | Details TBC


ES Connect 2021 // CPT // 18 SEP

What a glorious gathering we had with evangelists on Saturday, here in my home city of Cape Town! Evangelist Support Network was established in 2010 with the objective of providing the evangelist with training, inspiration and opportunities to fellowship and co-labour with fellow soul-winners. The pandemic has limited our gatherings to Zoom meetings for many months and we were eager to connect again in person. A special thank you goes to Christ for all Nations South Africa for hosting the gathering at their offices as well as for blessing the evangelists with an abundance of free resources. Joyce Meyer Ministries and Struik Christian Media also gave free products to each delegate. A big thank you to them as well!

We kicked-off the gathering with a heartfelt time of praise and worship, led by the wonderfully anointed Jo-Anne Hoult, before I shared a message that the Lord had laid on my heart for the evangelists. We then introduced everyone to the global evangelist networks of GCEN and GEA (and the benefits they offer to members) as well as the upcoming Bootcamp—a wonderful training program created by Christ for all Nations, soon to be launched in South Africa. Before and after lunch, question and answer sessions were held that resulted in numerous topics being covered, from partner relations and fundraising to crusade planning and the evangelistic calling. We also had the privilege to have a power-packed video chat with Jako and Karin Hugo, who are currently in the USA, regarding school evangelism. During the day, four dynamic evangelists (Edward Ackerman, Herman Snell, Itumeleng Mokganya and Nastassja Kotze) shared about their most recent and upcoming ministry activities, which encouraged and challenged us all. What mighty evangelists we have in South Africa! We are a blessed nation indeed! We concluded the event with a Spirit-saturated time of prayer that resulted in everyone in attendance being wondrously impacted by the might and magnificence of our Lord.




ES Connect 2021 // JHB // 16 OCT

After our wonderfully successfully gathering in Cape Town last month, the ES Network team was excited to meet with another extraordinary group of evangelists in Johannesburg this past Saturday. Those who came together hailed from a variety of evangelistic callings. We had crusade evangelists and prison preachers in our midst. We had those who focus on one-on-one evangelism, those who devote themselves to soul-winning training and those who minister in the hospitals, praying for the sick and sharing Jesus with patients and families. What a joy it was to spend the day together!

After a blessed time of praise and worship, I shared on the importance of being faithful in the little and diligent in our personal walk with the Lord and the ministries he has appointed us to steward. I also shared on the Global Church Evangelist Network and Global Evangelist Alliance—two recently launched international networks that will be of great benefit to evangelists. Jacques Mau, the General Manager of Christ for all Nations South Africa also shared on their upcoming bootcamp for evangelists, launching in Cape Town in August next year. We connected via video to Jako and Karin Hugo—a remarkable missionary couple—to be inspired and equipped for school evangelism. Ps. Anton van Niekerk preached a powerful message on ensuring that we surround ourselves with the right people and throughout the day, evangelists—including Grant and Theunisina Neyt, Ansche Engelbrecht, Itumeleng and Lindie Mokganya and Elias Mphasha—shared about their ministries. We also conducted question and answer sessions with a panel that included among others, Thea Britz, the Southern African Director of Christ for all Nations and Ev. Samuel Murrombe, the International Crusade Director of In His Name Ministries. We ended the day praying for all who came, imparting words of knowledge and stirring the fire already blazing within!

Heartfelt thanks to all the evangelists who attended. May what you learned catapult you to the next of effectiveness and may the friendships you started, become lifelong treasures. We love you and are praying for you!

A big thank you to Christ for all Nation South Africa, Struik Christian Media, Kenneth Copeland Ministries and Joyce Meyer Ministries for the free products they donated and for their generous support of this event.




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