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Salvation Logo White Background (NEW 2012)Salvation to Every Nation (STN) started in 2005 under the leadership of Evangelist Francois de Jager. The ministry focuses on Youth Evangelism. Since 2005, Francois has spoken to more than 153 909 young people about Jesus Christ and more than 77 244 have given their hearts to Jesus.

Francois came to know Jesus personally at the age of 17 and had an encounter with Him that changed his life forever. He easily understands the struggles of teenagers because he himself came out of a broken home, experimenting with alcohol, drugs and gangsterism from a young age. Francois loves God passionately and wants to see the youth saved.

“My heart is filled with compassion for young people,” explains Francois. “Countless of them are tormented by Satan. Many are addicted to drugs, alcohol and immorality. As an ex-drug addict, I understand what these people go through every day. I remember the loneliness, pain, confusion and rejection. The more I sought a solution for my torment in drugs and alcohol, the more I found destruction. But, the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ crossed my path and changed me completely. I was free! Never again did I have the need for drugs and all the other things. Jesus filled the emptiness in my life. This urges me to preach the Gospel to the people of South Africa, Africa, South America and Asia. Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever. I am hungry for souls to be saved and converted to Jesus.”

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