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836-kingdom-ministry-logo836 Kingdom was birthed in 2011, headed by Evangelist Thurston Meyer. It is built on the scripture John 8:36 So if the son sets you free, you are truly free.  Their ministry encompasses school ministry, prison ministry, home ministry, street ministry and a feeding programme. They work hand in hand with organisations that offer drug and alcohol recovery; their is mandate to direct man into a relationship with God. They believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ is freedom! Freedom from oppression, depression, possession, darkness, bondage, sin and death. In a society where people are bound by the extreme pressures and destructive ways of the world, Jesus came to set such captives free.

Vision: A world reconciled to Jesus Christ, with restored lives fulfilling their God given purpose within their homes, families, communities and society at large.

Mission: We are committed to evangelism; to preach the gospel and profess freedom through Jesus Christ and reconcile man to God.

Our Values: Honesty, Integrity and Bible-based Doctrine

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