Prison Ministry – Grace Extended And Hope Restored
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Prison Ministry – Grace Extended And Hope Restored

Read Evangelist Thurston Meyer’s report and Praise God for His Mighty Power and all He has done in and through 836 Kingdom Ministry in three Eastern Cape Correctional Facilities!

Evangelist Thurston Meyer ministered in the Southern Cape on the 5th, 6th and 7th May. This was held in 3 different prisons in George, Knysna and Mossel Bay. The heads of prison were addressed in George on the 5th of May and the key message was on Fatherhood and for many fathers who were present at this meeting, hope was restored. On the 6th of May we travelled to Knysna where we visited another prison called Knysna Correctional Services. Here we ministered to long term sentenced offenders. Once again through the preaching of the good news, many came to repentance and gave their hearts to the Lord Jesus Christ. Many men were liberated from a place of condemnation because of the crimes they have committed. They now understand that God is a loving and forgiving God and by God’s grace, they received another chance. On the 7th of May, a prison youth centre in Mossel Bay was visited where young men from the ages of 18 – 25 are serving long term sentences. For these young men they strongly feel that life has literally ended for them and life has no meaning. On the morning of the 7th, these young men did not know they were going to have an encounter with Jesus Christ and that purpose was going to be ignited within them. As the gospel was ministered and the name of Jesus was exalted, these young men were set free from the clutches of the enemy and many offenders from different religions and backgrounds came to salvation.

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