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During the course of our first Gospel Crusade for 2016 in Pomfret, North West Province, we continually experienced the love and power of the Holy Spirit. And truly, it is only the Spirit of God Almighty who convicts the hearts of people and draws them to Himself.

Due to the nature of Pomfret’s political history, we were unsure as to what to expect. All basic services have been withdrawn from Pomfret; there is no electricity and water is made available only once a week. Due to political controversy, we arrived in a time of great uncertainty and hopelessness for the inhabitants of this community. However, our Sovereign God who is the great miracle-maker, is able to step in where there is no hope and no vision.

The Gospel Crusade continued for four consecutive evenings and concluded with an opportunity made available for those who desired to be baptized in water. An inflatable swimming pool was set up and filled with water that had been brought along to Pomfret; we cannot but describe this time as glorious! Truly, no man can receive any glory or honour as it is due only to God Almighty.

Evangelist Israel preached a fiery Gospel message with many signs and wonders that followed. One of the many beautiful testimonies was that of Nadine (30), whose lump in her breast disappeared instantly after receiving prayer. An old Portuguese soldier who had an injured leg and walked on crutches, received a miracle and his pain vanished. On the final night, the Pomfret sports ground was filled with silhouettes of people raising their hands while being baptized in the Holy Spirit. Glory! Glory! Glory!

It is with great humility that we thank God for His love, faithfulness and power. Many were set free, delivered and countless healings took place. We are thankful and confident that God will continue His good work which He has started in Pomfret. Pomfret has been saved!

Evangelist Israel Taylor








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