Miracles in Philippi!
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Miracles in Philippi!

This news report consists of the marvellous works God has done during our Philippi Gospel Tent Crusade. What moved our hearts was to see people coming to the crusade while it was storming very bad but they sacrificed to be at the crusade. People from all over the suburbs came with their crutches, sickness, diseases and desperate need of salvation. The four nights were glorious as we witnessed people coming for salvation every night and people were healed by the power of God. Mr. Abraham, a sixty-five-year-old senior who was involved in gang violence for many years attended the crusade. Due to his life as a gangster he got stabbed in his back and was badly assaulted, this left him to live with crutches for more than thirty years, but as the word of the Lords says in Jeremiah 32 v 27: “I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there anything too hard”. We witnessed how Mr. Abraham put his crutches aside and walked without it after I prayed for him. Hallelujah!

We also had a Mr. Graham who suffered from a stroke for fifteen years and could not walk without his crutches, but after receiving a prayer in faith he could walk without his crutches. Amen! A lady who just came out of the hospital who could not see clearly and could barely walk because she was on life support attended as her daughter brought her to the tent believing that God can heal her mother. While the sick lady sat on her chair looking very ill and hopeless. I stepped close to her and reached out to her so that she could take his hand and as he prayed and called this lady to stand up, immediately she got up and she walked and she could see again. This was amazing to see! People who saw this marvelled and shouted Hallelujah, Glory to God! I prayed for a man who was deaf and dumb and once again God showed that He is the God of miracles, signs and wonders! What a joyous sound to hear the mute speak for the first time! We as Lightlife Ministries feel richly blessed to know that we have the support of our partners like who stand with us to enrich the Kingdom of God with new precious souls.

Together We did it again! We appreciate you and love you.

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