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Enjoy the wonderful crusade report of the Gaba Gospel Crusade written by Evangelist Tamryn Klintworth from In His Name Ministries.

“DAY 1: Our first service in Gaba, South Africa has come and gone and already we stand amazed at what our Jesus is accomplishing here. A remote village community, my plane trip was followed by a seven-hour drive to reach it. So many old people are surrendering all to Jesus. Having spent decades worshipping idols and ancestors, they are finally running into His embrace. Catherina (83 years old) accepted the Lord as Saviour tonight. “God is now my salvation,” she voiced with glee. Having struggled with eye and leg problems for four years, Catherina was also delighted that her newfound Saviour had healed her as well. “I could neither see properly nor walk properly,” she said. All that has now changed. Perfectly healed, this dear old lady goes home forever changed. Grace is likewise an elderly woman who received Jesus as Lord this very night. With her salvation, came her healing. Months of partial blindness and knee problems disappeared in a wave of Holy Spirit power. “My life has changed because Jesus has entered me,” she expressed. “I feel free. I am so happy!” Genson had broken his leg in an accident in 2012 and relied on crutches to walk. Following prayer, this precious gentleman can now walk unaided. The crowd rejoiced with him. Having shared his testimony, he returned to his place in the crowd, his crutches left forgotten by the stage. How fantastic! Meriam is 70 years old. “I have not been able to bend or walk properly for five years,” she explained. “I used to stay at home because of the pain. During prayer, I felt the power of God entering my waist and knees. Now, I can walk freely and bend properly. Jesus is alive!” Celebrate with us, dear friends and please pray for our time in Gaba. We have four more nights to go.”

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