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Please enjoy the report from Evangelist Tamryn Klintworth of DAY 1 of the Jinka, Ethiopia Gospel Crusade that took place from the 31st May – 03 June 2018.



JINKA Gospel Crusade, DAY 1: We are off to a fire-filled start in the Ethiopian town of Jinka. Nestled among green valleys and rolling mountains, its setting is exquisite. Tonight, our Jesus made it abundantly clear that He will be doing mighty works here this week. Most of you are aware that we have faced many challenges in the planning of this crusade. In fact, our venue was forcibly changed by the government just a few days ago. Yet, the Holy Spirit has helped us spread the word! Thousands flooded the new ground this evening, regardless of the venue change or relentless rain. They stood in the mud and responded to the Gospel with stunning enthusiasm, calling on the name of the Lord and receiving the glorious gift of salvation. Prayer for the sick yielded fantastic miracles. Two women testified of tumours disappearing. One had been plagued for the past few months by a rapidly-growing tumour on her shoulder. Tonight, it vanished in a wave of Holy Spirit power. A younger woman had suffered from a tumour on her leg for the past five years that caused her such discomfort that she could not stand for lengthy periods. That tumour also vanished. Hallelujah! A young man had been in a motorbike accident in 2007 that resulted in a broken left leg. The leg never healed properly and he had been unable to run or jump ever since. Tonight, a divine operation took place. Those bones are now strong, fused and perfectly placed. Leaping up and down (see pic) and sprinting across the stage, he raised his hands to the heavens and glorified the Jesus who set him free. Precious friends, this is only the start. Please keep praying for us. Pray for the rain to cease, pray that word continues to spread regarding the new ground, pray for abundant favour in this place. In His matchless name, Jinka is being saved!



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