IHN CRUSADE REPORT: Arba Minch, Ethiopia
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IHN CRUSADE REPORT: Arba Minch, Ethiopia

Ev. Tamryn Klintworth and her team at In His Name Ministries,

preached the Gospel to thousands in their four day crusade

which took place from the 07th – 10th of December.


Please enjoy this amazing report written by Ev. Tamryn: 



DAY 1: We are hard at work in the south of Ethiopia, right up against the massive lakes of Abaya and Chamo. While the natural scenery is stunning, the spiritual atmosphere is intense with opposition to the true Gospel. We have faced many challenges in the planning of this crusade and the battle continues. Nonetheless, we are prevailing! Thousands gathered for the first service of our four-day, six-service crusade and the response to Ev. Tamryn‘s message was fantastic. She ministered on Isaiah 61, a chapter that so clearly proclaims the sin-destroying, chain-snapping, prison-breaking power of our Saviour King. Multitudes said a bold “Yes!” to Him and heaven is rejoicing. Prayer for the sick followed and one of the miracle testimonies will forever stick in our minds and hearts. A young man, Behalu was born deaf and dumb, communicating only through sign language. Tonight, his ears opened and his tongue was loosed. Overwhelmed, he trembled on stage, eyes brimming with tears, utterly emotional. One of his classmates joined him and they gesticulated wildly, soon bouncing up and down together in joyous celebration. When he began responding to words spoken behind him, repeating what was said, the crowd exploded with exuberance. What a mighty God we serve! Tomorrow evening, we continue. Please continue to pray for us with great fervour. The Lord is at work and we are labouring with Him.



DAY 2: Our crowd exploded tonight. News has spread that this crusade is on the go and red-hot with Holy Spirit power. People are flocking to the field in great numbers. What dancing, what rejoicing! Arba Minch is hungry for Jesus and He is pouring Himself out upon this place. Tamryn preached two messages tonight, one on salvation and the other on the Holy Spirit. We shall continue this pattern over the next two nights, preparing the people for when we will pray for them to be baptised with the Spirit on Sunday night. Both messages were received with great enthusiasm. Thousands called upon His name for salvation and then hung eagerly upon every word about being Spirit-filled. Prayer for the sick yielded mighty testimonies. Alemitra (28 years old) had been fighting a kidney disease for the past three years. She was in constant pain. Traveling for long distances was torture. During prayer, she felt fire running through her body followed by the disappearance of all pain. “Suddenly the pain was gone. I just couldn’t find it,” she expressed. Bending and stretching on stage, she glowed with joy, glorifying God (see pic). Asrat (35 years old) is a builder. He had severely injured his left arm and hand in a work accident some years ago. The discomfort was never-ending and he could not move the shoulder nor flex the hand. He struggled to sleep. He could not work. Now, all that has changed. Testifying on stage, Asrat swung that arm like a windmill, opening and clenching his fist, eagerly showing off what the Lord has done. Breaking into a dance, he celebrated, the crowd equally ecstatic. Thank you for your prayers, dearest friends. Our Lord is on the move!



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