God’s Power Impacts Ottery
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God’s Power Impacts Ottery

Evangelist Edward Ackerman and the Lightlife Evangelistic Ministries team’s recent four day Gospel Crusade in Ottery impacted many who have lived under the devastation of fear and bondage of sin. Ottery is a small city on the Cape Flats and many who live there fear for their lives with violence on the streets day and night. Because of this, the initiative was to first have many prayer walks in the area, trusting God for a miracle to change the state and condition of the city. On one occasion, they witnessed an old lady (80) praying in a field where many individuals are attacked or injured by stray bullets. This woman`s faith however has kept her going; she prays everyday trusting God for Ottery`s Salvation. With much preparation prior to the event, Evangelist Edward with his Lightlife team encouraged and equipped the churches of the surrounding area for this soul winning mission. Many were excited because this is what they have always trusted God for – for the churches to unite as one, claiming Ottery for Jesus. During the crusade, the atmosphere was pregnant with expectation; even young thugs streaming to the field out of curiosity to hear the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit moved powerfully, bringing people to tears, crying out for salvation! Joanne, an old lady (83) suffered from cancer within her womb and was bound to her wheelchair, unable to walk at all. After Evangelist Edward prayed for her, he reached out his hand, told her to stand up and immediately, the lady walked as the power of God touched her! Lightlife and Evangelist Edward were blessed to have the assistance of the South African Police and one of the officers who witnessed Joanne’s miracle said “Praise the Lord! Now this is what you call the power of God. All glory be to God!”  That same night Evangelist Edward released a prophetic word over Ottery telling them, “From today, Ottery`s Day Hospital will be empty because all those in bondage of sin and sickness will be delivered and healed. The very next night, a lady testified how she walked into the Day Hospital and after finding it empty, realised that it was the exact word Evangelist Edward had prophesied. The doctor declared her healed after she suffered from high blood pressure! For many, Ottery was a hopeless case but not for God because He remembered the people of Ottery and sent His Holy wind to change the city! Thank You Jesus!



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