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“Please enjoy this crusade report from Ev. Israel Taylor of the Edenburg Gospel Crusade which took place from the 19 – 22 March 2018” 


“We are rejoicing with heaven after the Edenburg Gospel Crusade! We have once again witnessed the wondrous works of the Spirit of God; and it thrills and excites us time after time.

Regardless of the location, race or culture of the people; it is the desire of our Saviour to call the lost into the Kingdom of Heaven. We are living in exciting times, and how exciting it is to see how a great harvest of souls is being won for eternal life!

Night after night, the crowd grew with excited and receptive hearts who yearned for the love and acceptance of a Saviour. Both adult and child sat with great awe as they heard that Jesus Christ was crucified for them, that the Blood of Jesus was shed for them to be wholly healed and delivered, and that the precious Holy Spirit wants to dwell in them!


After 4 evenings of fiery preachings and the working of our greatest Helper and Counsellor, the Holy Spirit we have had
1 189 salvations. Each and every salvation card has been distributed to the pastors involved in order for new believers to be discipled and established in a local church, so that they can grow and mature in Christ!

We were overjoyed with the many testimonies we received, two in particular:  A lady beamed as she testified that she had great difficulty with both her hearing and sight. However, during prayer for the sick, her eyes and ears miraculously opened. The crowd roared as she testified from the stage, as they had known about her ailment.


Another excitedly explained that she had had a hip replacement, and for the past three years had to use a crutch while walking. She no longer needs that crutch as she is healed! Hallelujah!”

All glory to God!

Psalm 2: 8
“Ask of Me, and I will give You
The nations for Your inheritance,
And the ends of the earth for Your possession.”



For more information about Divine Restoration Evangelism and Ev. Israel Taylor:

Contact : 082 353 4184

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