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From 2-13 August, Evangelist Israel of Divine Restoration Evangelism visited the Taung and Jan Kempdorp area for the second time this year. It was a glorious time filled with the working of the Holy Spirit and we praise God for the testimonies we received. In Taung, a tent was erected for Revival Services which were held throughout the course of the week. One of the testimonies we received from Taung was from Joan (56), who struggled with both arthritis and excruciating pain in her right hip for many years. At the Revival the Holy Spirit healed her and her pain vanished completely. Praise God!

On the 15th of August, Evangelist Israel was asked to preach at the Grootvlei Prison by friends in Christ who minister and disciple inmates on a weekly basis. It was a totally new and quite daunting experience, but the Holy Spirit remains faithful through every circumstance. Evangelist Israel preached to approximately 500 inmates a fiery message of the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. After his preaching, hand after hand shot up in the air in response to his message of salvation, and many inmates surrendered their lives to Christ. It was an overwhelming sight and we can take no glory for ourselves; all honour goes to Jesus Christ who desires to forgive even the worst of sinners. We received a beautiful testimony of one of the many gang leaders, who had confessed and gave his life to Christ!

Divine Restoration Evangelism is also very fond of the learners from Brebner High School, and this was the fourth time that learners joined us for a weekend from 21-23 August with the topic of “The generation who does not compromise.” This vibrant group of learners were extremely receptive and showed great interest in the teachings which we shared with them. They have a great desire for a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit and we pray and trust that they will be a Godly generation who will one day lead our country. Evangelist Israel continues his discipleship sessions at the school’s Bible study group on a weekly basis.

On every second Friday, Evangelist Israel ministers to the workers who are employees of the Amalooloo company. This is an extremely receptive group of people who are eager to learn more of the Holy Spirit. On the 21st of August, Evangelist Israel baptized a group of men who requested to be baptized by the immersion of water. This was such a special moment, and we are so thankful for each and every soul who is won for Heaven!

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