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Enjoy this report from Evangelist Israel Taylor (Divine Restoration Evangelism) of the Tweespruit Gospel Crusade that took place from the 16 – 18 February 2017 


“What a glorious start to the first Gospel Crusade of 2017; a truly magnificent way to start off this year!

We held a 3 day crusade in the precious community of Tweespruit and we are overjoyed at the working of the Holy Spirit. A week before the crusade was to be held, we, together with pastors and members of the community, marched through Tweespruit – preaching the Gospel and extending an invitation to everyone to attend the crusade. What a sight it was to see countless people marching for Christ, and how the community showed their anticipation for the upcoming crusade!

Upon the start of the crusade, the community members approached the crusade grounds with expectant hearts! Ev. Israel preached fiery messages, and each night many streamed forward to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Many signs and wonders took place through the working of the Holy Spirit, and how we were overjoyed as we listened to numerous accounts of healing and deliverance!

A young girl, who attended the crusade with her mother, told us on the second night that on the first night of the crusade she came with a problem. She constantly felt as something in her stomach, “it was as though a snake was moving inside of my tummy.” However, she received a mighty deliverance, and testified with great excitement that she had not felt any movement since then!

Mr Ezekiel Thabiso (61) testified that his ears were blocked, and it felt as though his ears were leaking. However, upon receiving prayer, he was instantly healed and could hear without difficulty. Thank you, Jesus!

There is nothing as satisfying as seeing people accepting Jesus, and rejoicing that their names are now written in the Book of Life. The local pastors also testified some weeks after the crusade, that their churches were filled to the brim with new converts from the crusade. All glory and honour only to Jesus, who is the reason and very essence of every crusade!”


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