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Please enjoy this incredible crusade report by Evangelist Tamryn Klintworth from In His Name Ministries of the Mninginisi Crusade that took place 5-9 April 2017. 



DAY 1: There has been much unrest in this nation over the past days. And yet, here in Mninginisi, joy prevails. Tonight, thousands gathered on our dusty crusade field and avalanches of salvation and healing quickly ensued. I say avalanches, as such aptly describes what we witnessed. Multitudes poured forward to embrace Christ as Saviour, calling upon His name with eager abandon. Prayer for the sick resulted in the most spectacular, life-changing miracles. The Spirit saturated the crowd with Himself, men and women receiving their healing right where they stood, His presence intense and heavy. So many testimonies were heard tonight that my mind cannot recall them all. Deafness vanished in an instant. A broken thumb moved back into position. An arm that could not be lifted for the past decade is now functioning perfectly. A knee that could not bend nor flex is both bending and flexing. Judus (43) received the Lord as Saviour this evening. He works as a mechanic and in January of this year, an exploding car battery resulted in his eyes being badly injured. The pain was so severe that he was no longer able to work, a serious consequence for this family breadwinner. Regular treatments at a hospital 130km away left him no better. Tonight, all this changed. The pain is gone, his sight is crystal clear. “I thank God,” he exclaimed, “I thank God!” Mircal (63) had been tormented since 2010 by a leg that was in such constant agony, it rendered her bedridden. The pain was paralysing, she explained. Her son cooked, cleaned and farmed for her. She was incapacitated. This evening, our Jesus worked a wonder. Mircal demonstrated on stage her newfound mobility. No pain. Full movement. “Everyone must come and see what Jesus has done for me,” she declared. “They must come and see!” Tomorrow, we continue.



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