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“Please enjoy this Day 1 report from Evangelist Tamryn Klintworth of the In His Name Ministries Crusade which took place in Hosaena, Ethiopia from the 22 – 25th Feb”



In His Name Ministries HOSAENA Gospel Crusade, DAY 1: We have kicked-off dear friends and already, multitudes are saying “Yes!” to Jesus. We have come to a country in which a state of emergency was declared less than one week ago. The police here are nervous and insist on placing the people far away from the stage (for our own safety, they say). While the crowd stands afar off, their hunger for Jesus and wonderful response to the Gospel is still abundantly apparent. Evangelist Tamryn Klintworth preached on John chapter 3 tonight and the miracle of being born again. Thousands raised their hands and surrendered all to Him. Their desperation to become sons and daughters of God was great. It felt as if all in attendance prayed the salvation prayer as one. What volume, what unity, what zeal! “Wash us now in the precious blood of Jesus!” we prayed. “Come and live in our hearts, Almighty God!” It was fantastic. We were busy collecting the names of the new converts and distributing follow-up material when the rain started to fall. Ev. Tamryn prayed for the sick and the power of God manifested mightily. With the rain beginning to descend more intensely, we will hear miracle testimonies from tomorrow. There is no doubt in our minds that the Lord has already worked wonders. All are expectant for the weekend meetings. Four services lie ahead of us. Three evening meetings and then the Sunday morning combined church service. Please continue praying with us. Pray for good weather. Pray for tens of thousands to come and receive salvation. Pray for every chain of sickness and bondage to break. With your help, we will not leave Hosaena any less than forever changed!



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