CRUSADE REPORT: Gambela, Ethiopia
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CRUSADE REPORT: Gambela, Ethiopia

Please enjoy the below report written by Evangelist Tamryn K-lintworth from In His Name Ministries, of the Gambela, Ethiopia Gospel Crusade which took place from the 18-21st of May 2017.


DAY 1: We are off to a fantastic start here in Gambela! Torrents of rain flooded the town from early afternoon to early evening, our intercessors in high gear praying for such to cease. Wonderfully, it did and thousands still congregated despite the very late start of the meeting. I preached the Gospel with all my heart and the response must have left heaven in the most joyous uproar. The details of the new converts were collected by our eager team of ushers, looking very smart in their “Ethiopia for Jesus” t-shirts and In His Name caps. Prayer for the sick quickly followed, hundreds indicting a massive change in their body following such prayer. We had time for one quick testimony and 60-year-old Agude beat everyone else to the stage in her enthusiasm to share what had just happened to her. For the past six years, this elderly lady had been plagued by back pains so terrible that she was unable to bend and knee problems so severe that she walked with great difficulty. Tonight, all that changed. With no more pains in her body, Agude bounced about with glee praising the Lord. How splendid! Do continue praying for us, dear friends, that the weather would remain fine and Gambela would continue responding to Jesus. Our Lord is at work and we are so grateful.


Please click here to view the full report of the Gambela, Ethiopia Crusade!



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