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Please enjoy this devotion by Evangelist Francois De Jager

from Salvation to Every Nation Ministries.


“Come aside by yourselves… (Mark 6:31)

Every year I have the immense privilege of spending three days with Evangelist Angus Buchan on his farm in Greytown. It is a great blessing to be mentored by him. We had that honour again just a couple of weeks ago.

On our way to the farm, we speculated about what Uncle Angus would share with us during those three days. Even though he normally shares several important spiritual truths with us, there is always one particular subject he speaks about – the importance of quiet time. You can always be sure that somewhere during those three days he will speak about our personal time of prayer.

And we were not wrong. Uncle Angus shared the entire morning session (Wednesday) on the importance of quiet time, gave us all a copy of his book “The Booth” and then took us to a nearby forest. “For one hour you are not allowed to talk to any other person, only with God” were his instructions. What a blessing that was – alone with my Bible in that vast forest, praying and reading His Word.

You see, we need to get away from all the “hustle and bustle”. We need to get alone with Jesus every day. It would be great to go to that forest on the farm every day, but not all of us live on farms. That is no excuse. Jesus told us to:

go into your room… (Matt. 6:6)

Maybe you do not have a forest, but you do have a “room” to go into. This room may be different for each of us. The point is, God wants us to get alone with Him. That’s where we grow in Him and commune with Him. There is no substitute for spending time with God daily in Prayer and Bible reading.

Even the disciples were ordered by Jesus to “come aside by yourselves “. Our main Examples is Christ Himself. Mark 1:35 says:

Now in the morning, having risen a long while before daylight, He went out and departed to a solitary place; and there He prayed.

The secret to a successful Christian walk is to be successful in the secret place of prayer.

Schedule daily time for prayer and Bible reading, and you relationship with God will grow on a daily basis. Enjoy your Quiet Time

Francois de Jager”


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