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“Study to show yourself approved to God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” ~ 2 Timothy 2:15
While attending a Bible School or studying theology via correspondence is not a prerequisite for proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ, practical training and solid grounding in the word is greatly beneficial to anyone operating in any capacity of full time ministry. Should you have a desire to study further, listed below are a number of recommended Bible Schools and Institutes in South Africa who offer full time and part time courses, courses via correspondence and practical training.


bible-institute-south-africa-logoThe Bible Institute of South Africa was founded in 1923 and was established as an evangelical and interdenominational training centre with the aim of training and equipping men and women to know Christ and to make Him known. BISA has a long record of consistently and faithfully training ministers, missionaries, lecturers, teachers and church workers in Bible and theology. Moreover, many Christians have been better prepared for effective witness in the professional world. Students are drawn from and go out to minister in many different countries in Africa and the wider world.
With the goal of ensuring the academic excellence of its training programmes, BISA recently made the decision to pursue its own academic accreditation from the Council on Higher Education (CHE) in South Africa for its 3-year residential and distance degree programmes, and its 4th year Honours programme. This accreditation will give BISA the freedom to develop its course curricula in a way that will ultimately benefit all students. Since the mid 80’s, BISA has been registered with The Association for Christian Theological Education in Africa (ACTEA) for the accreditation of its residential 3-year programme as a degree-equivalent Licentiate in Theology (LTh). BISA also offer a post graduate degree as well as a three-year part-time certificate programme for Christian Ministry Leaders, which is currently being registered with the Council for Further Education and Training.
180 Main Road, Kalk Bay, 7975, SA
Call +27 21 7884116 or email BISA directly on their website
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CBI, established in 1988, is a Bible College that is devoted to the purposes of God and emphasizes ‘yieldedness’ to the Holy Spirit, imparting a sense of destiny and a vision for the Kingdom of God in each student. Anyone of any age, from any culture, country, or occupation would find themselves challenged, motivated and inspired to intimacy with God through enrolment at CBI. CBI offer 1, 2, or 3 year courses as well as a part time option for those unable to attend fulltime. This option provides working people with the opportunity to accumulate enough credits to graduate from third year over a number of years. CBI also offers live broadcasting of all lectures.
13 Drake Road, Pinetown, Durban, KZN, SA
Call +27 31 701 6211 or email
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Established in 1983, CFCI have trained over 5000 students for successful ministry, embracing an evolving curriculum that’s focus has been to remain relevant in a changing society and now boasts full international accreditation to bachelor’s level. CFCI Bible School’s curriculum is ministry based; resolute in its goal to plant and establish word based churches and Bible Schools.
The CFCI Bible School undergraduate program has more flexibility and options for students. The CFCI Bible School is also accredited internationally by Transworld.
A 2 year Masters Programme has also been developed for accreditation.
Cnr. Atlas and Silver Wings Boulevard , Parkhaven, Johannesburg, SA
Call +27 11 230-9300 or email
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Rhema Bible College, established in 1979, is a place where students as followers of Jesus are challenged to deepen and broaden their commitment to God. Rhema Bible College offers courses dealing with all facets of Ministry, Counselling and Worship; endeavouring to teach students how to recognise the call of God and minister effectively in the office to which God has called them. Courses include a 3 year programme, short courses and online courses.
Cnr. Rabie and Hans Schoeman Streets, Randpark Ridge, Randburg, SA
Call +27 11 796 4000 or email
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rbia-logoThe River Bible Institute was birthed specifically to train people in God’s Word and in the ways of the Holy Spirit for the purpose of launching a new wave of anointed leaders into the ministry based on curricula that has been taught for more than 30 years. Students are academically trained in the uncompromised Word of God, practically trained through hands-on ministry, touched and changed by the Spirit of God, and ignited by the Fire of God to make an effective impact on their generation for Christ. The Institute offers a 3 year course as well as an online Diploma course. The Diploma in Christian Ministry education program has a proven reputation with thousands of pastors, evangelists, ministers, and missionaries in the process of being trained or graduated. Once enrolled in this affordable online Diploma program, each student will receive access to 15 powerful subjects, each one covering topics that will give them a balanced understanding of the Word as well as skills pertaining to their walk and ministry.
Courses include:
Prayer School
Healing School
Evangelism I and II
Principles of Faith
Knowing God’s Will and Voice
Christian Doctrine
Christian Character
Christian Stewardship
The Glorious Church
Theology and Life
Christian Leadership I and II
Christian Ministry
River Park, 1 Pontoon Road, East London, SA
Call +27 43 711 4803 or email
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shofar-institute-logoShofar Bible School offers an informal, non-accredited discipleship course aimed at empowering believers to grow in faith, devotion and understanding. It is not so much an academic school as it is a school of life. Jesus defines discipleship as being obedient to God (Matt. 28:18). Life in Christ is therefore incomplete if the knowledge we acquire does not influence our daily lives.
3 years, 70-75 teachings per year, 26 weeks on a 3 session per night, 1 night per week roster.
Campuses: Bloemfontein, Century City, Ceres, Cloetesville, Delft, Franschhoek, George, Hermanus, Hopefield, Johannesburg, Malmesbury, Port Elizabeth, Paarl, Piketberg, Pretoria, Secunda, Somerset West, Springbok, Standerton, Stellenbosch, Table View, Tygerberg, Wellington, Worcester
Call +27 21 809 9400 or email
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With students in 77 countries, SATS is a fully accredited and registered, distance education institution. The focus of this seminary is to equip students for service through Biblical, Christocentric distance education and to provide training to Christians, and leaders in particular, within their local church environment, to equip them to be Holy Spirit empowered members of God’s household.
The following programmes are accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE), the Education and Training Quality Assurer (ETQA) of the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and are registered by the Department of Higher Education:
Higher Certificate in Christian Counselling
Higher Certificate in Christian Life
Bachelor of Theology
Bachelor of Theology Honours
Master of Theology
Doctor of Philosophy in Theology
37 Grosvenor Rd, Sandton, SA
Call +27 11 234-4440 or email
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Based in Cape Town, View Leadership College offers a three year course to fulltime students and the option to part time students to complete the degree over an extended period of time. Each student who successfully completes the course will receive a Bachelor’s degree of theology (Bth). This degree will be completed through the South African Theological Seminary, accredited by the Council on Higher Education and registered by the Department of Education.
Cnr. Blaauwberg Rd & Wood Drive, Tableview, Cape Town, SA
Call +27 21 557 3948 or email
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Vineyard Institute seeks to develop leaders and members at every level of every church, as an umbrella educational provider within the multinational, multicultural and multigenerational community. Vineyard Institute trains, develops and equips church leaders and members in Bible teaching, leadership and practical ministry. Their entire curriculum centres around the Kingdom of God as seen in Scripture and how this impacts theology; shaping each believer’s view of world missions, church planting, evangelism, ministry to the poor and many other aspects of church life and ministry.
Courses include:
Kingdom Theology and Biblical Metanarrative
Social Justice and Transformation
Local Church Development and Leadership
Historical, Contextual and Systematic Theology
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The Doctrines and Theology taught in this course are designed to strengthen believers, so that they can step into and fulfill their callings through correct understanding and implementation of the scriptures.

PURPOSE – Earn a Bachelor Degree In Biblical Theology (BTh), which will open the way for you to step into the ministry God has called you to. The program is divided into three stages and is designed to be completed in three years. However, the duration of these studies is dependent on you the student. How much time you can put into studying will determine how long it takes.

STRUCTURE – BTh is awarded to students who have successfully completed the three stages Certificate in Ministry, Pastoral Counselling and Leadership & Administration courses.

The three stages are as follows:


Certificate in Ministry

The Certificate in Ministry is the first year of the Diploma in Ministry Program. The Doctrines and Theology taught in this course are designed to strengthen believers, so that they can step into and fulfil their callings through correct understanding and implementation of the scriptures. Our teachings follow the same route as Systematic Theology, without using all the technical jargon. This course consists of five sub courses, each of which is certified.

The courses are: 1. Christian Foundations Course / 2. The Bible Course / 3. Spiritual Beings Course / 4. Prayer Course 5. Spiritual Gifts Course

Pastoral Counselling

Pastoral Counselling is the second year of the Diploma in Ministry and is designed to equip pastors with counselling skills. It may also be taken as a stand-alone course. On successful completion of this course, a Certificate in Pastoral Counselling is awarded. Pastoral Counselling is about equipping leaders to be effective counsellors. Having completed theological training or even being in fulltime vocational ministry does not qualify us to be counsellors. Biblical knowledge and hands-on experience are helpful, but not enough to be effective in counselling. This training is designed to equip pastors to counsel.

STRUCTURE – The course consists of five sections.
Section 1: Orientation/Introduction to Christian Counselling / Section 2: Biblical Foundation (The
Word & Nature of God) / Section 3: The Soul / Section 4: Victory / Section 5: Case Studies
The Diploma in Ministry is awarded on successful completion of the
Certificate in Ministry and Pastoral Counselling

Leadership & Administration Course

Focused on the twin leadership gifts of Leadership and Administration, this course equips ministry leaders with effective organizational skills. Many ministries and organizations fail because they fail to implement sound leadership and or administration practices.

PURPOSE – Leadership and Administration is the third year of the Bachelor Degree in Biblical Theology. This course may also be taken as a stand-alone course. On successful completion of this course a Certificate in Leadership & Administration is awarded. This course is also self-determined Together with the Diploma in Ministry, the Bachelor Degree in Biblical Theology is awarded. Focused on the twin leadership gifts of Leadership and Administration, this course equips ministry leaders with effective organizational skills. Many ministries and organizations fail because they fail to implement sound leadership and or administration practices.

Please submit your application to study to the Dean or visit us online at

R200 FOR EACH SHORT COURSE (of which there are 5 – see Stage 1)
All courses may be stand alone
Please ask about easy payment options
We look forward to welcoming you to our student body.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further requirements.














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